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EggRider display compatibilityLink

If you want to check compatibility with your bike please complete EggRider compatibility form.

There are two main things to consider for compatibility:

  • Hardware - voltage, connector and pinout compatibility
  • Software - communication protocol compatibility


Having the same connector/pinout or bike model doesn't guarantee a compatibility.


EggRider V2 is not compatible with CAN bus systems.

Do not make a connection if connectors are not the same type. Do not use unauthorized adapters such as female to female and male to male adapters because most likely they will burn the display and controller.

Wrong adapters

How to find out controller brand?Link


It is important to identify your controller brand, do not confuse this with the motor brand.

You can find the controller by following the display cable.

If you have a hub wheel motor, most probably your controller is Kunteng or Lishui.

The hub motor ebikes mostly have the controller in an aluminum box attached to the frame or integrated in the battery mount or the bike frame.

If you identified your controller as Kunteng(KT) or Lishui(LSW), keep in mind that there are more types of connectors, not only julet/higo 5 pin waterproof.

Compatibility listLink

Bafang hub motorsLink

Bafang hub motors are not neccesarly compatible. It is important to understand what controller brand you have. Please read all this page carefully.

Bafang mid drive motorsLink

Bafang mid-drive motors have 2 types of controllers based on the communication protocol

  1. UART communication - Compatible ✅
  2. CANbus communication - Not Compatible ❌
UART display connector CANbus display connector
Higo bafang UART connector 5pin circular Higo bafang CANbus connector 5pin square

Bafang mid drive ebikes have the controller integrated into the motor and the type is written on the case.
EggRider is compatible with Bafang mid drive systems:

  • Bafang BBS01 250W 350W 500W 750W
  • Bafang BBS02 250W 350W 500W 750W
  • Bafang BBS03 BBSHD LUNA 750W 1000W 1500W 2500W Ludacris
  • Bafang Ultra M620
  • Bafang Ultra 1000W
  • Bafang MM G510 1000
  • Bafang M600
  • Bafang Max
  • Bafang MM G320
  • Bafang MM G330 250
  • Bafang MM G340
  • Bafang M300
  • Bafang M400

Mate bikesLink

Compatible with all Mate X versions. Please select Mate X EggRider version.


Mate classic bikes are not compatible with EggRider display.

Bike compatibility list:

  • MATE X 250
  • MATE X 250+
  • MATE X 750S
  • MATE City 250

Controllers supported:

  • Lishui LSW1545-5-2M
  • Lishui LSW856-66M
  • Lishui LSW856-66-1M


EggRider is not compatible with the following Mate X Controllers:

  • YCSH-C

Motors supported:

  • Bafang RM G060.750.DC 48V 750W SWX02
  • Shengyi DGW25 SY25N4820TA 48V 250W
  • Shengyi DGW25 SY254820SJ 48V 500W
  • JiaBo CZJB JB-104C2 24V-60V 750W

Replaces the following displays:

  • Key-Disp KD51C-D
  • Bafang DPC-14 / 850C 3.2-inch MATE-customized TFT LCD color display
  • Ukriver UKC1 / UK-CT-18 / UKCT-18 3.5-inch MATE-customized TFT LCD color display

RadPower bikesLink


If you are unable to find your specific bike model in the compatibility list provided, it indicates that your bike may not be compatible with the EggRider display. To ensure compatibility or if you have a new RadPower bike that is not listed, we kindly request you to provide information required here


EggRider is not compatible with:

  • Version Rad Rover 6 Plus
  • Version Rad Rhino 6 Plus
  • Version RadCity 5 Plus
  • Version RadRunner 3 Plus
  • Version RadTrike 1
  • RadPower bikes with upgraded Kunteng (KT) controllers

Compatible RadPower bikes have the following 5 pin screw connector for display RadPower bikes 5 pin screw display connector

Click to see compatibility list
Bike model Compatibility
RadCity 1
RadCity 2
RadCity 3 Step-Thru
RadCity 4
RadCity 5 plus
RadExpand 5
RadMini 1
RadMini 2
RadMini 3
RadMini 4
RadMission 1
RadRhino 1
RadRhino 5
RadRhino 6 plus
RadRover 1
RadRover 2
RadRover 3
RadRover 4
RadRover 5
RadRover 6 Plus
RadRunner 1
RadRunner Plus
RadRunner 2
RadRunner 3 Plus
RadWagon 1
RadWagon 2
RadWagon 3
RadWagon 4
RadTrike 1

Urban Drivestyle bikesLink


If you can't find your model in the list below or you want to be sure about compatibility, please provide the information required here

Compatible Urban Drivestyle bikes:

  • Unimoke V4
  • Unimoke V5
  • Unimoke V6

CoastCycles bikes:Link

Compatible bikes:

  • Buzzraw
  • Buzzraw X

Lishui (LSW) controllersLink

Lishui has different models of controllers. Some of them are compatible, some are not. It is important to provide us with the code on the controller so we can make a list of compatible controllers.

Click to see compatibility list
Controller Compatibility
Lishui LSW1599-4M
Lishui LSW 1350
Lishui LSW943-217-1M
Lishui LSW686-21F
Lishui LSW 947-54F
Lishui LSW352-89F
Lishui LSW1584-1M
Lishui LSW1596-2F
Lishui LSW765-28-48F
Lishui LSW1332-47F
Lishui LSW781-62-7
Lishui LSW-1405-4-7F
Lishui LSW352-89FA
Lishui LSW1023-3-2
Lishui LSW1350-11-1F
Lishui LSW125-11-1M
Lishui LSW1106-58-020F
Lishui LSW1188-29-1F
Lishui LSW1433-2F
Lishui LSW1155-37M
Lishui LSW1568-13-4M
Lishui LSW1497-2-1f
Lishui LSW1659-14F

Accelerated Systems ControllersLink

ASI controllers are compatible with EggRider V2 display if you have access to Bacdoor app. Please provide us picture with your display cable, battery voltage and controller model.

Please read our dedicated page for more information

  • ASI BAC 300
  • ASI BAC 500
  • ASI BAC 800
  • ASI BAC 355
  • ASI BAC 555
  • ASI BAC 855
  • ASI BAC 4000
  • ASI BAC 8000

CYC MotorLink

CYC motors that use ASI controllers are compatible.


Special connection is required if you have battery greater than 52V.
Please read our dedicated ASI page for more information

Compatible versions

  • CYC motor X1 Pro Gen 2 with controller ASI BAC855 or BAC2000
  • CYC motor X1 Stealth with controller ASI BAC855

Kunteng (KT) ControllerLink


RadPower Bikes with a upgraded Kunteng controller are not compatible with EggRider display.

Other compatible bikes:Link

  • Aostirmotor S07-B
  • Voltbike Yukon 750 Limited
  • Mycle Cargo Electric Bike
  • Ride 1UP

Check compatibilityLink

If you are still unsure and would like us to check compatibility, please complete EggRider compatibility form.

  • bike brand
  • bike model
  • year of manufacture
  • picture of controller label
  • picture of display connector - display side
  • picture of display connector - controller side
  • picture of display


For display connector pictures please specify which connector goes to controller and which to display

See the example pictures below.

Controller label Display connector Display
EggRider compatibility connector EggRider compatibility connector EggRider compatibility display

EggRider V2 PinoutLink

EggRider V2 display pinout

Last update: October 13, 2023