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Having the same connector/pinout, controller or bike model doesn't guarantee a compatibility.


The EggRider V2 display does not ensure legal compliance. It does provide all the flexibility that the motor or controller can offer. The Road/Eco and OffRoad/Sport are merely 2 independently configured profiles. Please check your local laws before riding to make sure you are riding legally and safely.


By changing specific settings, you can void the warranty of your motor/bike. You can also experience a significant loss of range due to the high speed and power output. Please use your own judgement.

The app and display interface might vary significantly from the shown screenshots. Please get in touch if you cannot see all the content.

The battery and range estimations need a couple of trips before providing reliable enough data.

The battery capacity estimation relies heavily on the current estimation. According to our experience, the estimated capacity is about 60% of the actual battery capacity. This might be due to a tolerance stack-up in the current measurement, battery voltage vs level non-linearity, etc. We are confident we can improve it over time, and we are open to suggestions.

Last update: November 1, 2021