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EggRider Display firmware update using AndroidLink


It is highly recommended that you update your firmware when you receive your EggRider.

Display firmware is available in the downloads area or by selecting Downloads in the About page of the EggRider app.

The recommended app for updating the display firmware is nRF Connect. Alternatively you can use nRF Toolbox.

Steps to update using nRF ConnectLink

  1. Download nRF Connect app
  2. See below Android nRF Connect screenshots, highlighted in red where to click
  3. With EggRider Display off, press Up + Power until it shows EggRider Updater screen
  4. On your phone open EggRider app
  5. Go to About page
  6. Select Downloads section (goes to
  7. Select latest eggrider_fw_v (firmware version)
  8. Open nRF Connect app
  9. Look for EggRiderBL in the Scanner tab
  10. Select Connect (if the connection fails get closer to the display and try again)
  11. Select DFU (Top Right corder)
  12. Select Distribution packet (zip)
  13. Choose the file downloaded at step 7
  14. Wait until display restarts to the main screen
  15. Connect with the EggRider app to see that the update alert disappears.


If the update hangs, power off from the battery or unplug the cable and restart procedure.

EggRider Updater screenLink

EggRider V2 update screen

Android nRF Connect screenshots exampleLink

EggRider V2 firmware update nrfconnect Android

Last update: March 20, 2020