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EggRider Display firmware update using Google Chrome browserLink


It is highly recommended that you update your firmware when you receive your EggRider.

Display firmware is available in the downloads area or by selecting Downloads in the About page of the EggRider app.


This works only with Google Chrome browser and requires Bluetooth Low Energy device.
We successfully tested on PC, MAC, Android and iPhone.

Steps to updateLink

  1. With EggRider Display off, press Up+Power until it shows EggRider Updater screen
  2. Go to Downloads section
  3. Select the latest (firmware version)
    Do not extract
  4. Go to Firmware update website (Make sure to open in Chrome)
  5. Select Choose a firmware package
  6. Select the previously downloaded .zip file
  7. Choose Select device
  8. Select EggRiderBL from the list and tap Pair
  9. Wait until update is finished and display restarts


If the update hangs, power off from the battery or unplug the cable and restart procedure.

EggRider Updater screenLink

EggRider V2 update screen

Last update: March 19, 2020