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Bafang basic settingsLink

Accessible from menu Bafang Basic.


Initialize - Reads all Bafang Basic/Pedal/Throttle settings at once. After this procedure both Road/OffRoad would have identical settings.

Road or OffRoad - switch between profiles.

Read controller - reads Bafang Basic settings.

Info - provides information for the Bafang switch mode.

Write - writes the Basic settings to controller. If the operation is successful it updates the settings on the display as well.


Please use settings in the range for your motor for Low Battery Protect and Limited Current. Each controller has its own harware limitations which cannot be bypassed. The controller will reject values outside its capabilities.


To have no power on Level 0, set both Current and Speed Limit to 0. In some cases it is required a value of 1.


Low Battery Protect (V)Link

Value to prevent battery voltage cutoff (most likely your battery will have a BMS that will shut off power when the voltage gets too low). If your battery shuts down before reaching this value you should increase it.

For 48V battery packs it sould be set aproximately to 43V

Limited Current (A)Link

Represents the global current limit in ampers (A).

This sets the power level that the drive unit will pull from the battery pack. Be aware that just because it is set lower, it does not mean that it may not draw more amps for brief periods. If you don’t want to stress the battery pack, you may want to set this number a bit lower than you think (2-3 amps lower). This preventive measure is beneficial for lower powered units such as BBS02, if your watt meter shows that it is pulling too much power on a regular basis. This variable will be set lower than 25 if you have a BBS01 or a BBS02 with a lower power level rating than 750W. If this is set lower than 25 from the factory you CANNOT RAISE it safely unless you are sure it is a 750 Watt unit & controller (it should be specified on the bottom of the unit) and your battery can handle the draw .


Keep this current limit the same for both Road/OffRoad profiles to avoid unexpected behaviour. Some bafang controllers misbehave when this value changes without a power on/off cycle.

Current limit affects your bike power, as the following formula shows:

Battery voltage (V) * Currrent limit (A) = Power (W) (For example: 48V * 20A = 960W)

Assist levels mappingLink

Each row, defines for each assist level the relative limited current and limited speed.


Identifies the assist level

Limited Current(%)Link

The percentage of the current from the Limited current (A).
For example if your bike has 250W and you set this setting to 50% you will have 125W. If you set it to 100% you will have 250W.

Limited Speed(%)Link

The percentage of the speed limit.


  • If Speed Limit is set to a value on Bafang Pedal or Bafang Throttle pages, then the percentage is from that value.
  • If Speed Limit is set to Display command, then the percentage is from the Max Speed Road or Max Speed OffRoad.


Wheel Diameter (Inch)Link

Speed Meter ModelLink


  • External, Wheel Meter
  • Internal, Motor Meter
  • By Motor Meter

Speed Meter SignalLink

The number of magnets per one wheel revolution, default 1.

Last update: January 19, 2023