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Bafang settingsLink


This settings are relative to Bafang controllers only. Most of the times the Bafang hub motors don't have this settings available.


If you are not familliar with the Bafang settings we recommend using Only live data for Bafang switch mode in Display settings page until you understand their functionality.


If you experience intermittent power cuts, it is most probably because you reach a speed limit or voltage cutoff. It can also be due to wrong configuration on the Pedal advanced settings.


By using a low gear, your motor may not reach its full potential.

Bafang switch mode setupLink

Available with firmware and mobile app version > v2.2.07

First configurationLink


Do not change profile by pressing M on display during this procedure.

  1. Make sure display is set to Road mode
  2. Select Live data and settings for Bafang switch mode in the Display settings page, press Write then Read to check its saved.
  3. After first connection, an automatic read for Bafang Basic, Pedal and Throttle pages will be executed. At the end of this procedure both profiles Road and OffRoad would be identical. In case of failure this action can be triggered manually from Initialize from one of the pages
  4. Make sure to save the initial configuration from every page before modifying. (Take screenshots of all the pages).
  5. Modify settings as desired
  6. You have to Write successfully to be able to use switch mode from display or mobile app
  7. Switch profile settings by pressing Road or OffRoad from any page.

Successive configurationsLink

  1. Make sure display and mobile app are showing the same Road or OffRoad mode.
  2. Follow steps 5, 6, 7 from First Configuration


If the app and display are out of sync, when using Read controller you will see the last settings written to controller by either the app/display or your own tool.

Bafang error codesLink

E03 - Brake ON (03H)
E04 - Throttle doesn’t go back (in the furthest position) (04H)
E05 - Throttle fault (05H)
E06 - Low voltage protection (06H)
E07 - Over voltage protection (07H)
E08 - Hall signal wires fault on the motor (08H)
E09 - Phase wire fault on the motor (09H)
E10 - Controller temperature is too high, and reaches the protection point (10H)
E11 - Temperature sensor inside controller fault (11H)
E12 - Current sensor fault (12H)
E13 - Temperature sensor inside battery fault (13H)
E14 - Temperature sensor inside the motor fault (14H)
E21 - Speed sensor fault (21H)
E22 - BMS communication fault (22H)
E23 - Light fault (23H)
E24 - Light sensor fault (24H)
E25 - Torque sensor torque signal fault (25H)
E26 - Torque sensor speed signal fault (26H)
E30 - Communication fault (30H)

Bafang BBS01 250W default configurationLink

Basic Pedal Throttle
Bafang basic 250W Bafang pedal 250w Bafang throttle 250W

Bafang Ultra m620 default configurationLink

Basic Pedal Throttle Torque
Bafang Ultra basic Bafang Ultra pedal Bafang Ultra throttle Bafang Ultra torque

Last update: June 24, 2020