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Bafang pedal settingsLink

Accessible from menu Bafang Pedal


Initialize - Reads all Bafang Basic/Pedal/Throttle settings at once. After this procedure both Road/OffRoad would have identical settings.

Road or OffRoad - switch between profiles.

Read controller - reads controller Pedal settings.

Info - provides information for the Bafang switch mode.

Write - writes the Pedal settings to controller. If the operation is successfull it updates the settings on the display as well.


Designated AssistLink

The value of the assist power level.

If set to Display command the assist level shown on the display would be considered.


To disable pedal assist set Dessignated Assist = 0 and in Bafang Basic page set for Assist 0, Limited Current(%) = 0 and Limited Speed(%) = 0.


To have always maximum power for pedal assist set Dessignated Assist = 9 and in Bafang Basic page set for Assist 9, Limited Current(%) = 100 and Limited Speed(%) = 100.

Speed LimitLink

The value of the speed limit.

If set to Display command the value from Max Speed Road or Max Speed OffRoad from Display settings page will be used.

Start Current(%)Link

The initial percentage of current delivered.

Keep Current(%)Link

The percentage of current when stop pedaling before cutting off.


Pedal typeLink


  • None
  • DH-Sensor-12
  • BB-Sensor-32
  • DoubleSignal-24

Slow-Start ModeLink

Startup Degree (Signal No)Link

Work Mode ( Angular Speed of pedaL/wheel *10)Link

Time of stop (x10ms)Link


Stop decay (x10ms)Link

Last update: March 19, 2020