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Bafang pedal settingsLink

Accessible from menu Bafang Pedal


Initialize - Reads all Bafang Basic/Pedal/Throttle settings at once. After this procedure both Road/OffRoad would have identical settings.

Road or OffRoad - switch between profiles.

Read controller - reads controller Pedal settings.

Info - provides information for the Bafang switch mode.

Write - writes the Pedal settings to controller. If the operation is successful it updates the settings on the display as well.


Designated AssistLink

The value of the assist power level.

If set to Display command the assist level shown on the display would be considered.

Disable Pedal AssistLink

  1. Set Designated Assist to 0
  2. Configure Assist Levels in Bafang basic settings page
  3. For Assist 0 set Limited Current(%) = 0 and Limited Speed = 0. In some cases value 1 should be set
  4. Your Pedal assist should no longer work

Enable Pedal Assist - PAS dependentLink

  1. Set Designated assist to Display Command
  2. Configure Assist Levels in Bafang basic settings page
  3. Set desired values for Limited Current(%) and Limited Speed for Assist 1 - 9
  4. Your Pedal assist should be limited based on the PAS level you see on display

Enable Pedal Assist - always max powerLink

  1. Set Designated assist to 9
  2. Configure Assist Levels in Bafang basic settings page
  3. For Assist 0 set Limited Current(%) = 100 and Limited Speed = 100
  4. Your Pedal assist should work the same (speed and current limit) no matter what PAS level you see on display

Speed LimitLink

The value of the speed limit.

If set to Display command the value from Max Speed Road or Max Speed OffRoad from Display settings page will be used.

Start Current(%)Link

The initial percentage of current delivered. This variable is vital for not killing the controller. The lower the Start Current is set the less power is directed to the PAS system upon startup, this will create less strain on the controller and on your bike's drivetrain when starting from a standstill, especially if you are in a gear that is too high. 100% Start Current will peak at well over 1000w draw. A lower value will give you a smoother acceleration.

Keep Current(%)Link

The percentage of current that is maintained at a certain rate of pedaling (cadence). It is the percentage of the current limit set per each level of PAS.

E.g.: For 50% current limit set for level 5, if the keep current is set to 70%, the keep the current limit will drop to 35% while pedaling faster(at a higher cadence), but once the cadence drops the current will increase back to the current limit set for the certain level. The pedaling cadence value can be modified by changing the value of current decay.


Pedal typeLink


  • None
  • DH-Sensor-12
  • BB-Sensor-32
  • DoubleSignal-24

Slow-Start ModeLink

Controls how quickly the power ramps up.

Startup Degree (Signal No)Link

The number of sensor steps before the start up commences. The maximum accepted is 20. 24 is a full pedal revolution. Too few makes start-up occur with too slight a pedal movement. Lower number is less pedal movement to start the motor. Does not work properly with 1 or 0.

Work Mode ( Angular Speed of pedaL/wheel *10)Link

Adjusts the amount of power that can be applied to each pedal rotation. The higher the number the greater the power applied to each rotation. This might affect at what rpm peak power sits in PAS operation, changing it doesn’t seem to be noticeable so we advise to leave it alone.

Time of stop (x10ms)Link

This affects how quickly the drive stops after you stop pedaling.. If you set it to 0 the PAS system ceases to work. 25 is probably too high. This setting disables the PAS if it is set less than 5. I strongly recommend setting this to 5, especially if you want to use the PAS system without using e-brakes.


Some people report that setting this lower (as low as 5) may affect the startup delay on the throttle If you set this less than 10 on the v2 of the BBS02 controllers then your PAS will not work properly at all. On the older BBS02v1 controllers and the BBSHD controllers you can set this as low as 5 before you start having issues with the PAS


Determines how high up the pedal cadence rpm range it starts to reduce power, 8 being the highest. There is no detail on actual rpm speeds for the Current Decay setting. The lower this setting is the sooner the drive unit will start cutting back on the power as you pedal faster.

Stop decay (x10ms)Link

The amount of time the decay system takes to cut after pedaling stops.

Last update: January 19, 2023