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Bafang throttle settingsLink

Accessible from menu Bafang Throttle


Initialize - Reads all Bafang Basic/Pedal/Throttle settings at once. After this procedure both Road/OffRoad would have identical settings.

Road or OffRoad - switch between profiles.

Read controller - reads controller Throttle settings.

Info - provides information for the Bafang switch mode.

Write - writes the Throttle settings to controller. If the operation is successful it updates the settings on the display as well.


Designated AssistLink

The value of the assist power level.

If set to Display command the assist level shown on the display would be considered.


To disable throttle set Dessignated Assist = 0 and in Bafang Basic page set for Assist 0, Limited Current(%) = 0 and Limited Speed(%) = 0.


To have always maximum power for throttle set Dessignated Assist = 9 and in Bafang Basic page set for Assist 9, Limited Current(%) = 100 and Limited Speed(%) = 100.

Speed LimitLink

The value of the speed limit.

If set to Display command the value from Max Speed Road or Max Speed OffRoad from Display settings page will be used.

Start Current (%)Link

Percentage of available current when throttle initially applied.Lower values for smoother startup:5 or 10 gives a much smoother startup. This can be set all the way down to 1.


Throttle ModeLink


  • Speeed
  • Current


Switching this to Current Mode (instead of Speed mode) has an improvement in the throttle response smoothness.

Start Voltage (x100mV)Link


Do not change this value unless you really know what you are doing.

This is the throttle input starting voltage. The point at which the controller responds to input is at 1.1 volts, so set value to 11 which = 1.1 volts. As you begin to roll on the throttle the voltage moves up from zero and when it reaches 1.1v the motor begins to turn. Best to leave between 10 and 15. Too low and the display will throw an error as the motor will want to run continuously. If you change the throttle you will need to find the new lowest setting.

End Voltage (0x100mV)Link


Do not change this value unless you really know what you are doing.

You can set the max range to 42 which is the max input the controller accepts from throttle input 4.2v. If you set lower than this value your throttle response is not as linear or smooth as it could be.

Last update: November 5, 2020