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Lishui settings (LSW)Link

Accessible from menu Lishui

Consists of common settings section shared by both profiles Road and OffRoad and profile independent settings.

Read - reads the settings stored on the display

Write - writes the modified settings to the display.


After writing settings, turn off your display from the Power button in order to save the settings permanently.
Some settings take effect only after a power on/off cycle.

Lishui controllers do not broadcast factory setting values, so in particular cases you have to find the right settings for your controller by trying different combinations.

Settings explanationLink

PAS TypeLink

Side on which the PAS sensor is mounted. However there are many cases where the bike manufacturer modifies the sensor slightly, so please use the other way around if the assist doesn’t work correctly.


  • Left
  • Right

Speed Sensor magnets numberLink

Represents the number of magnets used for speed measurement. Most hub motors have an additional hall switch on the shaft for speed measuring purposes. In this case please set it to 1. Some other might have the speed sensor on the motor before the reduction, if that is the case please set it to 5.

Voltage cutoff baseLink

The base under-voltage protection at controller.

Options are

  • 21V - for 24V batteries
  • 31.5V - for 36v batteries
  • 42V - for 48v batteries

Wheel SizeLink

Internal controller wheel size in inches. This is used for internal controller speed limit purposes and it does not affect the speed measurements of the display.

Options are 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 700C, 28"

Assist Pulse DelayLink

This settings determines how fast the motor assist starts when using the pedals. Lower values will make the motor assist quicker.


To avoid accidental power on we recommend using a value that starts the motor assist after at least half turn of the pedals

PAS GainLink

Can be a value between 0 and 255 and is correlated to the PAS number of magnets. Example of values:

  • 128 - for PAS with 6 magnets
  • 64 - for PAS with 12 magnets

This field can have different behavior but mainly is the pedal assist power

Throttle limited by PAS levelLink


  • Yes - Throttle power is limited by the assist level
  • No - Throttle has maximum power all the time regardless of the assist level

Throttle limited to 6 Km/hLink


  • Yes - Throttle works only up to 6 kph.
  • No - Throttle is available at any speed

PAS startup accelerationLink

The power ramp for assist. Lower value means softer start.

Options are 0, 1, 2, 3.

Voltage cutoff deviation (0.1 V)Link

Value to fine tune the battery voltage cutoff. If your battery shuts down before reaching 0% this should be increased.
You have to sum this value to the base cutoff voltage to get the actual voltage cutoff the motor will impose. For example if voltage cutoff base is 31.5V and voltage cutoff deviation is -2.5V then your actual voltage cutoff will be 29V.

This field accepts values between -12.6 and 12.7v with increments of 0.1 volts.

Current Limit (0.5 A)Link


Please do not exceed the maximum current you can find on your controller label. Also keep in mind that some controllers are not accepting values lower than a threshold resulting in defaulting to a specific value.

Value to set main power of the bike. Lower value means lower power.

This field accepts values between 0A to 31.5A with increments of 0.5 ampere.

Speed limitLink

Internal controller speed limit at which assistance is stopped.

Running strategyLink

These are different algorithms strategies to try to overcome some of the Lishui protocol limitations.

Speed limitationLink

When in speed limitation, the values that are used from power levels are only the speed %.

This can have a different result based on the controller configuration. Some Lishui controller are limited in speed, so this option will change the speed limit of each assist level. Other Lishui controllers are limited in current so this option will change the current limitation of each assist level.

Current limitationLink

When in current limitation, both values power and speed % are used.

Power % is used to change the current limit and speed is used to limit the assistance based on the display settings speed limits.

In this mode throttle will be limited by pass level even if the option is set to No in the settings.


Please keep in mind that if Power % * Current limit is lower than the controller accepted threshold then it will default to a defined value which will be higher which will result in an undesired assist level behavior.

RadPower ModeLink

Replicates the RadPower original display running mode. When using this option you should set to 5 assist levels.

Power levels maps are not used with this option

Last update: November 1, 2021