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EggRider V2 Rad bikes settingsLink

Accessible from menu Lishui

All mate X version have Lishui controllers. For more information please consult the Lishui settings page.


If speed shows --.- km/h on EggRider display, please reset to default factory settings with the following procedure. When the display is off, press M+Power until display turns on. (You should see Load default settings)

Settings exampleLink


Make sure to change Current limit according to your controller parameters. Usually they can be found on the controller label.

If you want to increase the speed limit above 41 km/h, you can change wheel size to 16" on the Lishui settings page. This change will affect all speed limits.

If speed measurements don't seem to be correct please use wheel circumference from Display settings page to adjust.

Rad Runner 250W EU versionLink

EggRider V2 Rad Runner 250W EU settings screenshot

Last update: March 19, 2020