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Frequently asked questionsLink

Am I required to have the phone connected to the display while riding?Link

No, EggRider display works withouth the need of the mobile app connection.

Can I connect with more than one phone?Link

Yes, you can use more phones to connect to EggRider display, you have to activate for every phone.

Why are my EggRider settings not saved?Link

When you write the EggRider settings from the app to the display, they are saved permanently only when you press the Power on the display.

What is the maximum power EggRider supports?Link

EggRider can support virtually any power. You have to keep in mind that the maximum power it is given by your motor controller and that it can't be bypassed.

Why do I get an alert even if I updated my EggRider: "Your EggRider display version (Unknown/v2.x.x) is lower than the supported version by the app (v2.x.x)?"Link

You have to connect with the app to the display to make the warning dissapear after an update.

What does "R10", "R35"... means on the display?Link

The Rxx represents the range in km/mi. If there is an error it will be replaced with Exx representing the error code.

Why trip data is not registered when my phone is in the pocket?Link

You have to make sure the app is allowed to run in the background. Please search for "Lock App in background"

When does a trip stop recording?Link

At every connection a new trip is started and it ends on disconnection or by pressing "Restart" icon on the Dashboard page.

What happens If I connect my display wrongly?Link

If your display comes with adapters (Lishui/Xmate/Rad) Please make sure it is connected correctly.
Wrong connection can damage the display or the bike and void your warranty.

Last update: July 17, 2020