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EggRider display firmware update from EggRider mobile appLink


It is highly recommended to ensure you have the latest firmware available on your EggRider display.


Available starting from app version 2.6.03

Steps to updateLink

  1. Backup your settings and ODO stats
  2. Connect to EggRider display
  3. Go to Search page and slide right on EggRider in the list

    Firmware update option in Search list by sliding right
    Eggrider update in search list
  4. Tap Update

  5. Display restarts in update mode showing the following screen

    EggRider V2 update screen

  6. Display firmware page will open

    1. Optional - slide left on one item in the list to see release notes
    2. Optional - If you have a specific firmware code tap on unlock button in the right top corner

    EggRider fw update unlock button

  7. Tap on the latest sable version

  8. Update procedure will start
  9. When update is finished the EggRider display will start in normal running mode and the app will connect to it


If the update hangs, power off from the battery or unplug the cable and restart procedure.

Last update: January 6, 2022