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EggRider display setupLink

Install display on your handlebarLink

Measure handlebar Tighten the screw Allow slight rotation Plug-in the connector
Handlebar measurement EggRider hero Allow slight rotation Plug-in connector

Please make sure the diameter of the handleber is 22.2 mm and is straight in the place where you want to install EggRider display.

Screws have to be driven to exactly the right depth. Too tight, and you might break the display. Please allow some movement for display to rotate.

Find the spot on the handlebar, open the hinge, make sure no other components stop the display from fixing.
Plugin the connector to your ebike


The first time you power on the display it is recommended to reset the display to defaults by pressing M+Power until display turns on. You should see Load default settings. (see Speed shows --.-km/h troubleshooting)

Connect with the mobile appLink

Android iPhone
EggRider Playstore EggRider Apple store

Download the mobile app from the store by clicking on one of the images above.
At startup, an automatic scan is triggered for nearby devices. If the scan finishes and you still don't see the device in the list, restart display and pull down on the page to manually trigger a re-scan.
When the device shows in the list you can tap on it to initiate the connection.

Do not pair from the Bluetooth menu. Connect only from the app. (see Connection troubleshooting)


Tap on the device in the search list. When the popup shows, choose option Activate now.

Inserting correct information gives you instant activation.

The following information is required:

  • Shop name - Insert the shop where you bought EggRider display from. Start typing and chose from the suggestions.

    Example: eggrider

    EggRider Activation

  • Order ID - it is usually a number and you can find it on your order email or invoice

  • Your email


Inserting wrong information will lead to activation delays.

Important configurationLink

Wheel sizeLink

To calculate the speed we use Wheel circumference (mm) value from Display settings page.
You can use the Wheel size drop down helper with some predefined wheel circumferences.

The following links provide comprehensive resources for determining the wheel circumference Wheel size math or Cyclecomputer calibration


The Wheel size drop down is just a helper with predefined values for Wheel circumference. It is normal to go back to Select.

EggRider wheel size settings


To have a good battery percentage, you have to set the Voltage 0%/100% and capacity in the Display settings page.
Use the Battery Voltage drop down helper with predefined values for Voltage 0% and Voltage 100%. You can also manually adjust the values to your specific requirements.


These settings are used for battery measurements only, they don't influence the voltage cutoffs for example. Use the controller specific settings for protection.

EggRider battery settings

Saving settingsLink


The information on EggRider display it is only saved permanently when the display it is powered off from it's own power button. This also includes the trip data.

Configure e-bike specific settingsLink

One more step before you're set to go!

On specific models you need to configure the e-bike/controller specific settings to have full functionality. Please open the navigation menu and go to E-bike settings group and select the page relative to your e-bike/controller model.


If you encounter any issues please keep in mind our Troubleshooting page


At the bottom of each page you can also find Next and Previous buttons to go through the user manual in sequence.

Last update: February 5, 2022