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App settingsLink

Accessible from menu App Settings


Startup connectionLink

With auto, when the app is started, it tries to connect to the latest connected display.

  • Manually
  • Auto at startup

Background re-connectionLink

  • No
  • Retry 30 seconds
  • Retry 1 minute
  • Retry 5 minutes
  • Retry 10 minutes
  • Retry 15 minutes


Use GPS dataLink

Enabling this functionality offers altitude measurements in the ride stats.



  • Dark Theme (Enables dark theme for graphs pages)
  • Volts (V)
  • Current (A
  • Speed (km/h)
  • Speed GPS (km/h)
  • Altitude
  • Battery (%)
  • Display Temp (C)
  • Motor Temp (c)
  • Accuracy Position (m)
  • Altitude accuracy threshold - the threshold for position accuracy under which it will show the altitude in the graphs


Dashboard versionLink

  • Dashboard v1
  • Dashboard v2 - as Dashboard v1 plus live efficiency graphs, range and current values

Range adaptability factorLink

This value decides how fast the mobile app range estimation changes. A higher value will give more steadier estimation behavior while lower values will give range estimation values closer to the actual type of riding

Last update: June 30, 2021