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Display advanced settingsLink

Voltage calibrationLink

Available with firmware and mobile apps version > v2.1.0

This should be done only if the voltage displayed is not accurate or the battery percentage is not 100% after you just fully charged your battery.

The calibration is maintained once the operation is successful, so it is not necessary to repeat.


Full battery (preferably just after disconnected from the plug) or a multimeter.


Please ensure that you have the right Voltage 0% and 100% relative to your battery which can be found in EggRider settings page. You can select from the drop down Select to auto-fill these values.

Full battery methodLink

With full battery select your battery voltage and then press Calibrate

Multimeter methodLink

If you have a multimeter at hand, insert the battery voltage read with your multimeter under FullVoltage and then press Calibrate


If your voltage difference is greater than 2.5V you will receive a popup alert. If you are sure about your voltage then follow the steps used for the following example (adapt accordingly):

Voltage calibration for more than 2.5V exampleLink

EggRider voltage read is 38V and you know that the voltage should be 41.6V.
(41.6V - 38V = 3.6V > 2.5V)


  1. Write into FullVoltage 40V (38V + 2V), press "Calibrate"
  2. Check that the new voltage shown on the dashboard is 40V and get back to display advanced settings
  3. Repeat step 1, 2 until the voltage difference is lower than 2.5V
  4. Write into FullVoltage 41.6 (40 V + 1.6 V), press "Calibrate"
  5. Check that the new voltage shown on the dashboard is is 41.6V.


Option to reset battery statistics.


  • 1st Battery
  • 2nd Battery
  • 3rd Battery


This function allows you to set an alarm when the battery reaches a specific voltage.
Steps to setup:

  1. Enable Monitor charging when is locked
  2. Select the your desired voltage
  3. Open Dashboard page and press Lock icon
  4. Start charging your battery
  5. When the voltage on the dashboard will reach the voltage you set at step 2, a sound alarm and a popup will be triggered
  6. Please see Notes below


Make sure your phone is on loud.

When you start charging the voltage should be at least 1 volt lower than your desired voltage.

This does not stop your charging, it is just an allert.

Your phone has to be connected at all time, connection loss might disable the functionality.


Option to calibrate current if you know that the controller provides the current with an offset.

ODO ResetLink

Function used to permanently reset the ODO stats

ODO OffsetLink

Function used to set an offset to the ODO distance in case you want to have your old display distance in the odo total distance

ASI passwordLink

In case you have an ASI controller that has been locked with a password, you can insert the password here so that EggRider can still change the settings

Last update: April 26, 2021