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EggRider mobile appsLink

Both Android and iOS apps have the same functionalities, except for short periods of time between version releases. Although generally similar in appearance, there are some visual differences due to platform-specific components.

Main Android and iOS differencesLink

On Android, when in main pages press ‘Back’ to kill the app (and on any other page navigates back to the previous page).

To trigger actions on items from lists pages (like Search device or Rides) you have to:

Android - tap and hold iPhone - slide item left
EggRider search gesture Android EggRider search gesture iPhone
EggRider ride gesture Android EggRider ride gesture iPhone

App overview main pagesLink

EggRider app overview main pages

App overview stats pagesLink

EggRider app overview stats pages

App overview settings pagesLink

EggRider app overview settings pages

Last update: May 4, 2020