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Accessible from menu Rides

Shows a list of rides recorded from the app or the display. Each ride shows its’ source label, running time, distance, and date it was recorded in the app. Rides are differentiated by the source labels.

With App - Real-time information collected by the app when connected to EggRider display. (includes GPS information such as altitude).

With Display A (Auto) - The last display ride data read at every connection.

With Display M (Manual) - It will allow you to see your last ride data by tapping Display Stats .

To go back, tap Rides button in the top left corner.

The following functions are displayed on the top of the screen:

  • Display Last Ride Stats and Delete all Rides with distance < 0.1 km

  • Delete Ride - It deletes all ride-related information.

Ride SummaryLink

Accessible from menu Rides.

It shows recorded rides stats.

Ride Distance/Time GraphLink

Accessible from Ride Summary screen by tapping Distance Graph or Time Graph. Shows the ride's real-time information by having x-axis as distance or time.

Distance Graph -The ride real-time information (having x-axis as distance).

Time Graph -The ride real-time information (having x-axis as time).

To go back to Ride summary, press the arrow in the left top corner (or Back button on android).

These graphs also support two fingers pinch for zoom in/out.

On the top bar you have the following extra actions:

  • Delete Graph -deletes all the data points related to the trip but keeps the summary stats. You might consider this for saving memory.

Display StatsLink

Accessible from the Rides list page by tapping on a ride labelled with Display A or Display M.

ODO labels -lifetime display data values.

Ride labels -individual display trip specific values.

Three individual columns for each battery's stats.

To go back to Rides list select Rides on the top right corner of the screen.

Last update: May 4, 2020