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EggRider mobile app release notesLink

EggRider App V2.6.03Link

Release date 2021-11-13

  • Add display firmware update from the app
  • Add Italian and Spanish languages accessible from app settings page
  • Add notification to keep the app working in background when connected to display
  • Fix several issues with app stability
  • Fix menu power level not showing
  • Known issue - assist levels not in sync with display when 3 or 5 assist levels selected
  • Bug fixes

EggRider App V2.5.05Link

Release date 2021-05-26

  • New layout for Search page
  • Add sliding options for devices in search list: rename, connect, disconnect
  • Make available ASI motor phase current
  • Bug Fixes
  • Make trip export to always in en-US format and split date and time
  • Keep Lishui RadPower mode as experimental

EggRider App V2.5.03Link

Release date 2021-04-26

  • New layout for Rides page
  • Add sliding options for Rides: Rename and permanently delete
  • Make available ASI motor phase current
  • Bug Fixes
  • Features with firmware > v2.5.17
    • Add Display setting option to change display main screen layout
    • Add Display setting road restrict new option
    • Add Lishui page Rad power mode
    • Add ODO offset and reset ODO in advanced display settings

EggRider App V2.4.89Link

Release date 2020-11-20

  • New Dashboard
  • Range page with estimation for each level and road/offroad mode
  • Power Levels page for specific controllers
  • Export rides
  • Bug Fixes

EggRider App V2.4.18Link

Release date 2019-10-23

  • Add Bafang torque settings page
  • Add ASI settings page
  • Background reconnection
  • Improved stability
  • Add app setting page
  • Improved layout
  • Battery used change from dashboard
  • Fix bugs

EggRider App V2.3.03Link

Release date 2019-01-30

  • Represent altitude in graphs on the right y axis
  • Make search device to update Rssi on Android
  • Fix Bafang initialization and some bugs in mode change
  • Add Bafang error info when writing wrong settings

EggRider App V2.3.0Link

Release date 2018-12-07

  • Add DarkMode for Dashboard
  • Interface change makes navigation consistent and eliminates crash on iOS
  • Support torch on/off from the dashboard
  • Support assist level change from the dashboard
  • Add various icons
  • Support for error codes and display on the dashboard
  • Add charging voltage alarm in advanced settings
  • Add acceleration timings
  • Remove Lishui live settings
  • Add C13, C14, C12 parameters for Kunteng
  • Add keep the light at startup option

EggRider App V2.2.09Link

Release date 2018-10-23

  • Remove mode switch pas setting
  • Move delete graph data to summary page
  • Add check for duplicated auto trips
  • Add delete trips with no distance
  • Add display settings: startup with road mode, mode button press function and mode labels
  • Fix texts typos
  • Improve buttons layout
  • Add auto connection at startup
  • Fix display stats avg issues
  • Fix dashboard layout

EggRider App V2.2.03Link

Release date 2018-10-05

  • Requires firmware >= V2.2.x
  • Add delay for first time device scan
  • Add display reset trip
  • Fix trip reset
  • Fix icons all platforms
  • Fix app trip creation
  • Fix trip list time from display
  • Fix display stats ratios
  • Add Bafang initialization button
  • Fix dashboard layout
  • Add copy to clipboard for activation without email

EggRider App V2.2.0Link

Release date 2018-09-22

  • Requires firmware >= V2.2.x
  • Fix protocol pages association
  • Add pull down indication on the search page
  • Add minimum firmware version check
  • Rename Display tab to EggRider
  • Rename Trips tab and relative to Rides
  • Add page to show display stats
  • Add reset battery stats in advanced display settings
  • Add Display settings advanced page
  • Add option for 3 batteries in settings
  • New and renamed settings
  • Add mono spaced font on Dashboard for better legibility
  • Fix Dashboard buttons layout on iOS
  • Add more protocols
  • Change layout and flow of activation process
  • New implementation for Bafang switch behavior
  • Add Bafang initialization procedure
  • Add functionality to save Bafang settings to display
  • Texts changes

EggRider App V2.1.10Link

Release date 2018-08-18

  • Make preferred units reflect across the trips pages
  • Fix preferred units
  • Update to new type of permission request for Android
  • Change settings to allow decimals
  • Add option to lock mode
  • Lishui settings page
  • Various other bugs and improvements

EggRider App V2.1.6Link

Release date 2018-07-04

  • Add support for imperial units on display page and dashboard
  • Make extra pages show from app startup
  • Make calibration button to be available only after changed the full value input and add some description
  • Add bit-bucket links to about page
  • Add lock option 2
  • Kunteng smart settings page
  • Activation form for new devices

EggRider App V2.1.0Link

Release date 2018-06-13

  • Add Bafang dual settings profile switch for Road/OffRoad
  • Add bottom switch to Bafang settings pages
  • Add option for display voltage calibration
  • Add LockMode type in display settings page
  • Add restriction to input 0 speed limits in settings
  • Fix typo in trip distance graphs
  • Fix Bafang throttle voltage
  • Remove battery app line from charts

Last update: November 14, 2021