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EggRider display firmware release notesLink

EggRider firmware v2.6.49Link

Release date 2022-02-28

  • add button hold UP on the second screen to change the selected battery
  • add button hold DOWN on the second screen to reset trip data
  • improve protocol detection
  • check e-bike/controller settings have been initialized
  • fix bafang mode switch issues
  • fix battery cycles
  • fix protocol migration
  • fix range
  • fix battery resistance migration
  • fix voltage calibration reset
  • fix memory reset

EggRider firmware v2.5.61Link

Release date 2021-08-08

  • Fix bafang read/write issues
  • Fix battery percent issue with 12v connections

EggRider firmware v2.5.59Link

Release date 2021-07-21

  • Fix display temperature and voltage warnings and protections
  • Fix bafang max speed issue
  • Compatibility with Luna Cycle Ludicrous V2 Controller
  • Fix bugs

EggRider firmware v2.5.23Link

Release date 2021-05-26

  • Add display temperature and voltage warnings and protections
  • Fix ASI showing always 0% battery
  • Fix bugs

EggRider firmware v2.5.17Link

Release date 2021-04-26

  • Fix ODO bugs and resets
  • Improve protocol detection and messaging
  • Save trip at runtime after 5 km or 30 minutes
  • Add functionality to reset ODO and set ODO offset from mobile app
  • New display main screen layout
  • New display second screen layout
  • Add display dimming functionality by holding down button
  • Make assist levels incremental when lower than 9 assist levels selected
  • Fix battery calculations for high capacity
  • Redesign of range estimation
  • Fixes to lock functionality
  • Lishui:
    • Fix push mode
    • Add support for power levels
    • Add RadPower running mode

EggRider firmware v2.4.11Link

  • changed plausibility check for ODO read from flash to avoid ODO reset
  • fixed bug that prevented battery cap detection in some cases
  • ASI: changed source for Assist level to "6" for compatibility with older ASI firmware
  • disabled hidden transition to offroad (5s Mode + Down)

EggRider firmware v2.4.08Link

  • asi: read settings from motor if no user settings have been written before

EggRider firmware v2.4.06Link

  • changed strategy for the second screen: it disappears when pressing Mode button again, not after timeout
  • bafang: fixed failure in reading settings from motor when the request is longer than 5s
  • ASI redesign
    • recommended ASI firmware version 5.9.xx
    • currently it works either in speed limit mode (if ASI motor control is speed mode) or in power limit mode (if ASI motor control is set in torque mode)
    • in case of temporary fault, eggrider clears it. For permanent faults Eggrider displays error description
    • at startup initialize reg 210 with 7 (assist mode source LIN) to allow eggrider to set levels
    • compatible with eggrider app 2.4.11 for ASI settings
    • power limit registers: 121, 122, 131, 73
    • speed limit registers: 236, 229, 123, 124
    • mode change additional registers: features register 212, digital remote command register 496
    • for regen it requires features bit 4 to be set previously
    • power and speed limits are set to 0 initially, so the app is needed at first use to set defaults

EggRider firmware v2.4.01Link

  • ASI removed unnecessary 45kph speed limit
  • added 5s confirmation delay for resetting factory defaults
  • changed Lishui speed factor by 1.125x
  • fixed Lishui pedal gain bug
  • added current multiplication function
  • improved robustness in communication
  • KT default value for P3 changed to 1
  • voltage and current correction factors protected by crc known issues:
  • KT protocol still affected by false positive frames

EggRider firmware v2.3.10_betaLink

  • removed road-restrict condition for sending Bafang settings at startup
  • fixed protocol detection issue in the cycle after default settings

EggRider firmware v2.3.09_betaLink

  • removed the condition for sending bafang data at startup only in road restrict
  • fixed the auto-revert to shutdown 10h after startup

EggRider firmware v2.3.08Link

  • fixed speed limit issue in KT

EggRider firmware v2.3.07Link

  • fixed comms problems with latest KT controllers

EggRider firmware v2.3.06Link

  • programmed around possible middleware restart bug in saving data in flash
  • added 5s persistence for "default data loaded" to highlight failure in saving data

EggRider firmware v2.3.04Link

  • fixed bafang dataset read from app

EggRider firmware v2.3.03Link

  • removed default dataset switch at startup. Only is sent if the live data and road restrict is selected
  • removed level reset to 1 when writing settings, unless it changes the total number of levels

EggRider firmware v2.3.01Link

  • fixed visualization for motor temp above 100C, fixed hour after 24

EggRider firmware v2.3.00 betaLink

  • added support for 2_3_xx app, headlamp at startup, level label redesign, motor temperature for KT, ASI redesign

EggRider firmware v2.2.10Link

Release date 2018-10-28

  • fixed read short/long inverted function status bug

EggRider firmware v2.2.09Link

Release date 2018-10-26

  • fixed bug that prevented transition to road when in restricted mode

EggRider firmware v2.2.08Link

Release date 2018-10-23

  • optimized Bafang settings switch speed
  • added selectable label option, set to road at startup and swap between MODE button functions

EggRider firmware v2.2.07Link

Release date 2018-10-18

  • re-release after reports that switch still does not work correctly on some motor variants. Added a level reset to 0 to activate the settings at switch

EggRider firmware v2.2.06Link

Release date 2018-10-18

  • added the level change after bafang dataset transmission
  • redesign of Mode button function, to allow provision for MODE button functions reverse (active when the new app is released). This function is intended to avoid accidental mode change when wearing gloves

EggRider firmware v2.2.05_expLink

Release date 2018-10-10

  • tweaked the MODE button debounce time. Now it needs a slightly longer press. This is to avoid pressing it with gloves when using UP
  • added a quick and dirty fix for reactivity loss in Bafang full dataset change

EggRider firmware V2.2.4Link

Release date 2018-10-09

  • added ASI protocol
  • fixed bafang settings switch between road and offroad

EggRider firmware V2.2.1Link

Release date 2018-09-22

  • extended KT level translation for KT with swapped pins
  • override Road mode at startup

EggRider firmware V2.2.0Link

Release date 2018-09-22

  • enabled full list of Bafang parameter change between road and offroad
  • non volatile data migration to a new format, with 3 battery data storage, with battery reset function
  • added trip max speed
  • added protocol forcing function

Known issues:

  • for Lishui and Kunteng, a second shutdown and restart is required to enable auto-detection
  • no retro-compatibility with the previous app versions
  • for bafang live parameter change, some parameters will require a motor shutdown to take effect. Example: maximum current, throttle thresholds.

EggRider firmware V2.1.09Link

Release date 2018-07-30

  • fixed bug that prevented the battery energy to be calculated when not showing wh/km
  • reverted the strategy of longer press (0.5s) to drop from ECO+

EggRider firmware V2.1.08Link

Release date 2018-07-29

  • range and battery capacity erratic behavior fix; added the average efficiency in the second screen
  • Declared capacity might need tp be set again from "display" tab in app

EggRider firmware V2.1.07Link

Release date 2018-07-23

  • lishui improvements
  • odometer overflow after 65km fix
  • range calculation changed: previously used trip average as efficiency reference, now is the last 30min moving average

EggRider firmware V2.1.05Link

Release date 2018-07-09

  • permanent trip management (reset by pressing long MODE + short DOWN)
  • changed KT level management to match the controller 5-level architecture
  • added range in the main screen
  • moved total odo in the second screen and replaced it with trip (in the near future will be configureable)
  • added separate level lock (for law compliance) and power inhibit at startup when not connected
  • configurable shutdown time and inhibit shutdown when app connected
  • temperature read at startup (microcontroller die temperature)

EggRider firmware V2.1.04Link

Release date 2018-07-04

  • fix for KT immobilizer bug

EggRider firmware V2.1.03Link

Release date 2018-06-19

  • inhibit status save for KT headlight
  • fix trip moving time

EggRider firmware V2.1.02Link

Release date 2018-06-17

KT specific content

  • fixed headlight command for KT
  • changed default P4 value to 4
  • aligned the road and offroad speed limits to the global settings

EggRider firmware V2.1.01Link

Release date 2018-06-16

  • fixed walk mode
  • added walk mode for KT protocol

EggRider firmware V2.1.0Link

Release date 2018-06-13

  • Added lock provision
  • fixed the rollover at 60 instead of 59 for hour
  • increased the battery resistance calculation low pas filter
  • displayed error codes in hex instead of decimal
  • added walk mode when pressing up for more than 3 seconds
  • added voltage calibration

Last update: March 13, 2022