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Solve mobile app connection problemsLink


Sometimes the mobile app fails to connect because of corrupted Bluetooth cache of the phone. The following procedure usually solves the problem.

  1. Close the app from memory.
  2. Turn off Bluetooth.
  3. Power off the phone
  4. Power off display
  5. Power on display and phone
  6. Turn on Bluetooth (do not pair)
  7. Turn on GPS
  8. Open the app, give permissions and try to connect again

EggRider display speed shows --.- km/hLink

EggRider display showing speed as --.-km/h can be caused by the following reasons

  1. Protocol is not correctly setup.
  2. Communication port issue
  3. The display is not compatible with the connected controller.

Protocol is not correctly setupLink

Protocol has a list of various configurations, each controller brand having two possible options for example: Bafang and Bafang Rx/Tx Swap.

Most of the time the protocol is autodetected when display is reset to defaults: while display is off press Menu+Power buttons. (see Button combinations)

If by resetting is not show speed 0.0 km/h, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Connect to display with mobile app
  2. Go to Display settings page, press Read, change Protocol type to your controller's brand name (example: Bafang) and press Write.
  3. Restart the display
  4. Chek if spead shows 0.0km/h
  5. If speed still shows --.-km/h, repeat from step 1 and change protocol to the Rx/Tx swap version. (example: Bafang Rx/Tx Swap)


Do not confuse controller brand with motor brand. For EggRider, it is important to identify the controller.

If none of the above options works it is most likely because of the reasons 2) or 3). In this case please contact over email.

Communication port is issueLink

This is usually the case when EggRider was showing correctly the speed. The issue can be either on EggRider display or on the controller side.

How to identify where the issue is?

  • By connecting EggRider to another another bike or controller. If it works correctly then the issue is on controller side.
  • By connecting another compatible display to your bike or controller. If speed shows correctly then it is an issue on EggRider display. In this is the case please contact over email for warranty.

EggRider display is not compatible with the connected controllerLink

If after the previous steps you are still facing issues then most likely it is a software incompatibility. Please contact us over email to arrange a return.

Last update: August 13, 2020